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Getting to know fruit

Blood oranges are not all the same

Tarocco, Sanguinello and Moro varieties When it comes to these citrus fruits, it is not enough to distinguish between blond oranges and blood oranges. In fact, the latter are so called because of the characteristic colour of their pulp, grouped into three main varieties, each with its own distinctive features...

Getting to know fruit

How to recognise quality fruit: hints and tips

How to recognise quality fruit: hints and tips An eye for colour One of the things that makes fruit irresistible is its colour. Yet sometimes, even though it is one of the first indicators that fruit is indeed of quality, it can be misleading. The colour of the fruit should...

Getting to know fruit

Thorny and fresh, discovering Prickly Pears

Thorny, colourful and healthy Tough on the outside, with its tough thorns, but soft and sweet on the inside, the Prickly Pear is certainly an original fruit that offers variety, taste and benefits. The Prickly pear is the fruit of Opuntia, a family of plants belonging to the Cactaceae family, ...

Interesting facts

Albedo, the white part of citrus fruits

An ally for our well-being You may know that the white part of citrus fruits, that slightly spongy layer under the peel, is discarded because of its bitter taste. When making desserts and jams, as well as liqueurs, such as the famous limoncello, for example, it is always advisable to...

Interesting facts

Orange peel, how to use it at home and in the kitchen

Orange peels, 3 ideas for how to use them in the kitchen When you think of orange peels and fruit in general, you always think of a waste element. Instead, they can become valuable ingredients to be used in the kitchen. The important thing, however, is to choose untreated orange...

Getting to know fruit

Coscia Pears, a fruit for all ages

The small Pera Coscia, a delicacy that grows on the slopes of Etna and marks the beginning of the summer season, is a fresh, thirst-quenching fruit that is also practical to eat outside the home thanks to its natural “pocket” size. The pear to hydrate both young and old alike...


The Tarocco orange, the orange of Etna

Blood oranges, a nutrient-rich variety Everyone knows that oranges, and citrus fruits in general, are rich in vitamin C and that they are a panacea for our bodies, especially during the winter, to improve our immune systems and protect us from colds and flu. However, not everyone knows that among...

Interesting facts

Flat peaches, why they are called that

Flat Peaches, an original name These unusually shaped peaches with their light, sweet and juicy pulp are called “Flat Peaches”. At first glance, they are surprising because of their slightly flattened shape, with a small dip in the centre, reminiscent of snuff boxes, which are small containers used to store...

Getting to know fruit

Ladybirds, our allies in biological control

Inside each of our oranges, in the flavour of the delicate pulp found in our Doughnut Peaches and Coscia Pears, and in the colour of our Prickly Pears, we take care of our land and adopt solutions that aim to respect nature, which, here on the slopes of Etna, is...

Getting to know fruit

Coscia pears: 5 good reasons to eat them

The Pera Coscia is a typical variety of the Etna valleys. The small size of this pear makes it a practical solution for a quick snack, even on-the-go, or as a sweet and refreshing end to a meal. The Coscia Pear is harvested in July, and it is no coincidence...


Citrus fruits, cleansing and draining, ideal for spring

During the winter days, also due to the weather, people tend to spend more time indoors and eat more fatty foods and carbohydrates. The Christmas season certainly does not help with the tradition of eating desserts and dried fruit in large quantities. Winter is the time when even animals hibernate...

Getting to know fruit

Fruit, do you know how to store it properly?

The fridge is not always the right place Choosing fruit with care, buying products grown using integrated biological control methods and favouring seasonality is certainly important, but it is often underestimated that in order to preserve all the characteristics of the fruit, it must also be stored in the right...
Tarocco Blood Orange

Etna’s precious jewel

Moro Blood Orange

Plenty of juice and taste for any time of the day

Blond Orange

An ally to your figure and well-being


Pocket-sized vitamins

Flat peach

Unique in shape and taste


Lovely to touch, tasty to bite


A fleshy, peach-like fruit

Coscia Pear

A fruit that is good for your teeth and your figure

Prickly Pear

The ‘thorny’ fruit with a fresh and sweet heart

Sanguinello Blood Orange

Rich in antioxidants

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