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Sustainable Development

Producing ethically, for the environment and for people.

An extraordinary territory.

The territory where 3moretti is founded is exclusive: the presence of Etna and its lava soils has given us fertile and generous land, in a landscape of extraordinary beauty that is unique in the world.

We have always been committed to the protection of our natural heritage, and have independently adopted cutting-edge initiatives and methods for the protection of our ecosystem.


Only 100% native Sicilian fruit

We carefully choose the areas to be cultivated without disturbing the natural predisposition of the place, following the principle of “territorial vocation”, both geographically and altitudinally, prioritising the areas at a shorter distance from the production plant.

Respect for an exceptional territory begins with the selection of the land. This is how we strive to avoid altering the fruit’s natural temperament towards its native soil, without introducing alien species, and at the same time reducing transport, time and unnecessary costs.

Water sustainability.

The ethical use of water is a particularly important issue for us as producers.

Over the decades we have repeatedly

designed our irrigation systems, updating them with the latest technologies and maximising their efficiency.

We have replaced the old systems with ‘hydrodynamic’, and then ‘sprinkler’ systems, finally arriving at the current ‘drip’ system, which is the most efficient way of using water.

Biodiversity and natural symbiosis.

Our agronomists respect the biodiversity of the soil by improving and integrating it: thanks to natural “soil fertilisation” techniques, we exploit the symbiosis between the “mycorrhizae”, natural fungi that are integrated into the soil, and the roots of the fruit plants.

With this practice, the roots offer natural nourishment to these benign fungi, which in turn promote greater uptake of nutrients to the roots themselves: the plants are naturally healthier and more vigorous, reducing the use of traditional fertilisation.


We cultivate in balance with nature.


We use environmentally friendly integrated agriculture, protecting crops from pests by exploiting antagonistic relationships between organisms: we protect ‘beneficial insects’ to control colonies of harmful insects.

This coordinated method drastically limits the use of ordinary chemical solutions and does not alter the authenticity of 3moretti fruit.

Only if necessary.


In our orchards, we use alternative methods to traditional, seasonally planned pesticide treatments: we have long since replaced the usual ‘calendar control’ with the healthier ‘guided control’.

With this approach, our agronomists constantly monitor the crops, and only if necessary, the most specific and least invasive pesticide treatment is undertaken on the individual plant.

Guided pest control allows us to obtain healthier fruit and have a very low environmental impact, as well as greatly reducing the costs of the treatments used.

As in the family.

Our production plant is located in Santa Maria di Licodia, Italy, and the production staff is entirely local: there are numerous members including agronomists, harvesting teams, workers, technicians, employees, quality control officers and production managers.

Over time the presence of our employees and contract workers has been stable while the natural turnover of the workforce helps keep the average age down. As a result, the operating sectors are multi-generational, which makes collaborating in the production of Sicily’s exceptional citrus fruits a gratifying experience.


We are aware
of the
of our land.

We only grow 100% Sicilian fruit,
we reduce costs and waste, and we only intervene when necessary.

Let nature be our guide.

It is our duty to do everything to respect it.