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Fruit Supply Chain

A traceable supply chain for each individual fruit.


3moretti has started to constantly promote traditional Sicilian agriculture, supported by the most advanced technologies and the most restrictive production regulations, today controlling more than 2,000 hectares of crops.

The entire 3moretti production chain is located in arable areas of eastern Sicily, and, in particular, in the Piana di Catania for the production of citrus fruits.


Cultivation is 100% Sicilian


The main varieties distributed by 3moretti are:
• Blood Oranges: Tarocco, Moro and Sanguinello
• Blond Oranges: Navelina, Lane-Late and Valencia
• Mandarin oranges: Havana, Tardivo di Ciaculli, Tacle and Mandared
Prickly pears
Doughnut Peaches
Peaches and Nectarines
Coscia Pears


The 3moretti agronomists who monitor the cultivated areas have the task of checking the pre-harvest stage, carrying out organoleptic analysis of the fruit, measuring its sugar concentration (Brix degree), acidity and checking its state of ripeness: only the fruit that passes these tests is ready for to be harvested.

The traceability of 3moretti fruit starts with the harvest, with an efficient identification system that allows tracking to be carried out from the plant, where the supply chain begins, up to the final labelling stage.


Washing fruit.

The fruit that arrives at the production plant every day is managed by the production manager who coordinates its processing according to the buyer's requirements.

The first stage of processing is washing, which is carried out only with ozonised water and without any use of chemicals: this process makes the sanitisation of the fruit absolutely natural and extremely effective.

Selected one-by-one.

The automated production process minimises manual labour and focuses the workers’ attention on quality control in three incremental stages.

The fruit, at this stage, is carefully selected and diversified according to colour, weight and volume to ensure 3moretti’s high quality standards.

Once classified, the fruit is sent
for the next stage of packaging.

Our label is much more than just a logo.

We are extremely meticulous, and to maintain our quality standards we rigorously check every fruit, one by one.

We like to be able to offer the best at all stages, from cultivation to labelling, so that only the best fruit is awarded our label.