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Blood oranges are not all the same

29 April 2021

It is not enough to say Blood Orange: in fact, Tarocco, Sanguinello and Moro are just a few varieties of this typical Sicilian fruit. Let's discover the differences and characteristics of this citrus fruit rich in beneficial substances together.

Blood oranges are not all the same

Tarocco, Sanguinello and Moro varieties

When it comes to these citrus fruits, it is not enough to distinguish between blond oranges and blood oranges. In fact, the latter are so called because of the characteristic colour of their pulp, grouped into three main varieties, each with its own distinctive features and a different ripening period.

What brings these three blood orange varieties together is the area in which they are grown. The Tarocco, Sanguinello and Moro orchards are all located in the Etna valley and share a special bond with this territory.

The red pigmentation of the pulp is due to the weather conditions in the area around the volcano. Here, on the slopes of Mount Etna, the mild temperatures during the day and cool at night increase the production of certain antioxidants that come about as a protective response and adaptation of the pulp to the significant variations in temperature.

The red colour also conceals an incredible benefit for those who consume these varieties of oranges: the pigments, called anthocyanins, have an anti-inflammatory effect, combat stress and protect against free radicals, which are responsible for premature ageing.

arancia tarocco 3moretti

Tarocco, the “super star” among blood oranges

The Tarocco variety is the 'Blood Orange' par excellence. This citrus fruit, which has an interesting story, as it is thought to have been discovered by accident, has characteristics that make it unique. In fact, it has even been 'imitated' in other parts of the world, where they have tried to reproduce its scent and taste, but without success.

Tarocco is by far the most popular and well-known blood orange in the world.

The Tarocco blood orange is available from December to May. Its pulp, tending towards red but with dark orange streaks, is very juicy and seedless, making these oranges ideal for juices to help boost your immune system.

arancia sanguinello 3moretti

Sanguinello, the spring orange

The blood orange, on the other hand, is a citrus fruit that heralds the arrival of summer. In fact, it is harvested over a more limited period of time, between March and April. The pulp is darker than that of the Tarocco and has numerous red streaks.

It is a sweet and juicy orange, ideal for freshly squeezed juices or salads to help cleanse the body for the summer.

Did you know that oranges are excellent natural cleansers and draining agents? Here's how to use them to remove toxins accumulated during the winter.

arancia moro 3moretti

Moro, a tribute to Etna

The Moro blood orange is reminiscent of the colours of the volcano's lava, giving it unique characteristics. This variety is the first to ripen and is available early in the year.

The Moro orange has a truly unmistakable taste and smell, not to mention its dark and intense colour, and its juicy pulp that hides a hint of acidity.

Consuming the Moro orange, which is excellent for juices or salads, means getting your fill of vitamins and minerals, but above all anthocyanins, which are present in greater quantities in this variety.


In short, it is always the right time to consume 3moretti blood oranges.

Pay particular attention if you take diuretic drugs, certain antibiotics or antihistamines, as blood orange juice may interfere with the absorption of these medicines (Source:

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