3moretti is a quality producer that grows and distributes the best of Sicilian blood oranges, a highly-prized example of our local abundance, grown with gratitude and cared for with dedication by 3moretti

The blood orange is the literal fruit of Sicily’s sun and volcanic soil.
Not everyone knows that its bright, unmistakable color is the direct result of the place where it grows. Blood oranges owe their coloration not solely to genetics, but to Mt. Etna’s characteristic microclimate.
The wide range of temperatures on the volcano give blood oranges a coloring found nowhere else in the world.
This deep and indivisible relationship with the land binds this fruit, a symbol of Sicily, to the unique climate of the area around Mt. Etna in eastern Sicily—indeed, the incomparable blood orange grows nowhere else.

arancia rossa di sicilia 3moretti

Tarocco, Sanguinello, and Moro: 3 Ways to Say Healthy

The Tarocco blood orange is the most common varietal and is the name given to a wide range of oranges with tender, reddish, marbled flesh. Prized for their juiciness, Tarocco oranges are the glory of 3moretti’s production.
Sanguinello blood oranges are less common but are appreciated both for their taste and for the compact peel that protects and preserves the flesh inside.
The deepest red of Sicily’s oranges is found in the Moro variety. Its flesh tends to be nearly purple because of a high concentration of blue pigments called anthocyanins, and its aroma is intense and unforgettable.

All blood oranges share high levels of Vitamin C and anthocyanins, elements with antioxidant properties that may also reduce the risk of cancer, as well as such beneficial substances as coumaric acid and hydroxycinnamic acids.

3moretti ... So Much More Than Oranges

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pera coscia di sicilia 3moretti
pesca di sicilia 3moretti

3moretti’s production of citrus and other fruit also includes a varied selection of the highest-quality summer fruit: delicious prickly pears, “Coscia” pears, “Tabacchiera” peaches, and Nectarines, all of them grown locally on the slopes of Mt. Etna—and always with 3moretti’s utmost guarantee.

Controlli dell'agronomo 3moretti
Ficodindia di Sicilia 3moretti
Cassetta di arance rosse di Sicilia 3moretti

At 3moretti, we’ve always “cultivated” something else, too: a philosophy of harmony and respect for the environment that is guided by our desire to maintain a fundamental balance with the ecosystem where our products are born.
In our experience as growers, we’ve learned that deferring to nature’s rhythms allows her to yield her best.
Only through a production process that is attentive and, above all else, sustainable can exquisite, healthful fruit like 3moretti’s Sicilian blood oranges be grown. In their deeply aromatic flesh lie the qualities that have made them both highly prized and world-famous, and there, too, lies all the skill and dedication that 3moretti has to offer.
3moretti grows with love, and the land responds with gratitude.

  • 15, Dec
    3moretti Attends Fruit Logistica again in 2017
    Fruit Logistica is the first name in European fruit and vegetable trade fairs. For the second year in a row, 3moretti will attend Fruit Logistica in order to keep a crucially important appointment: the opportunity to present the best of Italian-grown fruit to professionals in our sector of the market. With our presence at the fair, 3moretti aims to draw international attention to the goodness of Italian citrus and other fruit, bringing all the freshness and good taste of Sicily to the Fruit Logistica audience.
  • 05, Sep
    Sicilian Fruit at Macfrut in Rimini
    Now in its thirty-third year, Italy’s fruit-and-vegetable trade show takes on an international flavor in Rimini in 2017. As an acclaimed Italian brand, 3moretti will be there as well—among a record number of exhibitors from Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East—to reconfirm the prestige that Sicilian fruit has so rightfully earned for its superior taste, aroma, and freshness.
  • 19, Aug
    3moretti: You Can See Our Freshness on the Label
    Neither our workers nor the general public has failed to notice the labels that go on 3moretti fresh fruit. And now we’ve updated our graphics for a lighter, more airy look. These labels are 3moretti’s calling card, and they represent the colors, simplicity, and natural goodness of 100% Italian fruit. We love the concept. Not only is basic product information easy to read, but our new labels are a great way to engage our customers.
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A delicious recipe you can try now!

20-40 minutes

under 10 minutes

serves 4


  • 312 Tbls (50g) sugar
  • 25 cup (100ml) whole milk
  • 312 oz (100g) fine-ground white flour
  • 1 egg
  • 1 3moretti orange, zested
  • a knob of butter
  • orange marmalade to taste
  • powdered sugar to taste


This recipe brings together a classic of French cooking with 3moretti Sicilian oranges to create a tasty dessert or snack that’s perfect for sharing with good company.

Preparing the batter, which is the basis of this recipe, is the first step. Mix the milk and sugar in a bowl, then gradually add the flour. The important thing is to end up with a smooth batter without lumps that is of the proper consistency. For best results, use a French whisk. Finally, add the egg and the Sicilian orange zest.

Allow the batter to stand in the refrigerator for about ten minutes before moving on to the stove. Rub the surface of an anti-stick pan with butter and heat the pan on a burner. Using a ladle, pour the prepared batter into the pan, beginning in the center and moving outward toward the edges as you pour. At the same time, rotate the pan to distribute the batter evenly as if you were making an omelet. When the crêpe is done on one side, flip to cook the other as well. Fill the crêpe with orange marmalade and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

A SIMPLE RECIPE: 20/40 min.